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Sales Executive – HTC Energy Ltd

HTC Energy Ltd is a strategic partner of ExxonMobil, the world’s largest petroleum company. We are the exclusive distributors of the Esso fleetcard in Cyprus and are looking to recruit a talented individual with a proven track record to join us.


We are looking for a young, enthusiastic and goal orientated Sales Executive, with experience and a proven track record in successfully generating B2B sales. You will be responsible for sales prospecting organizations with vehicle fleets, active selling of the Esso fleetcard and managing the sales administration and support activities.


•Sales Prospecting

oManaging, tracking and following up on sales leads

oQualifying sales leads and initiating prospect client calls

oTelesales for generating client interest and fixing presentation meetings


oPresenting the Esso fleetcard benefits and winning client confidence

oPreparing proposals and presenting for a successful close

oFollowing through to client agreement sign off

•Sales Administration & After Sales Support

oProcessing client account opening documentation

oDelivering new fleetcards to clients & training on use of Customer Portal

oUpdating system with Telesales & Sales activity

oSales activity and performance reporting to Management

oProviding ongoing support throughout the client life-cycle and building a strong long-term relationship


•Young, highly motivated and target driven with strong sales skills

•Excellent selling, presentation and negotiation skills

•Excellent Greek and English communication skills – verbal and written

•Strong relationship management skills

•Persuasive and persevering with a professional approach towards clients

•Self-motivated, goal driven with a go-getter attitude

•Bachelors degree or equivalent will be considered an advantage

•Limited sales experience will not be an obstacle for those who meet the above requirements


All applications will be treated with strictest confidentiality. Interested applicants should send their CV to [email protected] by 31st July 2021, stating the job title applied for in the subject line.


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