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Driver – Limassol – Melco Resorts & Entertainment


The Driver, Transportation operates the car and transports passengers (internal or external) to their destination, while providing a safe and pleasant ride to our guests.


  • Cleans car assigned, and maintains the vehicle in perfect conditions, both interior & exterior
  • Drives & maintains the experience of journey a comfortable & pleasant one
  • Obeys to traffic laws, especially speed limits, with or without passenger on board
  • Makes good use of the vehicle according to “use of vehicle’ guides
  • Keeps absolute confidentiality about passenger’s information
  • Prepares reports when requested
  • Reports accidents, injuries, unsafe work conditions and / or security issues to supervisors
  • Performs valet parking service and other reasonable job duties as assigned by supervisors from time to time
  • Adheres to all Company policies and procedures


  • Driver ensures that the vehicle is clean and has ample fuel
  • Picks up customers on time at predetermined locations and predetermined times
  • Assists passengers in the handling of luggage; must be able to lift at least 30kg
  • Opens the door for passengers and close it behind them
  • Always drives under the speed limit with or without passengers in the car
  • Fills out vehicle inspection form at each shift beginning and shift end
  • Follows through Standard Operating Procedures



  • Minimum 3 years working experience as a luxury car driver or driver of travel agency
  • Minimum 1 year working experience in hospitality industry, preferably in hotel sector would be considered as an advantage
  • Minimum 12 years of driving experience


  • High school graduated or equivalent professional training


  • Holder of a valid Cyprus driving license and a professional driving license will be considered as an advantage.
  • Safe and defensive driver in all types of weather
  • Familiar with the layout of the city and its speed limits
  • Familiar with technology
  • Good sense of service & communication skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Able to read and communicate in Greek & English
  • Competencies
  • Well-groomed and presentable
  • Trustworthy
  • Ability to work on flexible shift including overnight, weekends and holiday on rotation basis
  • Ability to work on overtime when needed

To apply, please click here: Driver – Limassol


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