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Customer Support Officer – Parimatch

PARIMATCH is an international online sports betting company with more than 20 years of presence and more than 2,000 employees in the CIS region. Parimatch is one of the Gambling Industry Leaders on CIS market. We are looking to recruit for the Offices in Nicosia an experienced Customer Support Officer.

Main Responsibilities:

Effectively handle new and existing client base and customer support via chat, email and phone.

Resolve any issues by clarifying the customer’s complaints.

Ensure Customer Satisfaction.

Excellent customer service and complaints handling experience.

Communicate with clients in Greek and/or English and/or Russian.

Avoid noticeable pauses when switching from language to language.


Fluency in Greek and English is mandatory. Knowledge of the Russian language is optional but desirable.

Bachelor Degree in Business Administration or Marketing or Communications or Sport Management or Gambling Management.

Excellent communication and customer support skills.

Team-player, able to work under pressure, creativity, innovation and problem solving skills is a must.

Package Offered by PARIMATCH:

Ability to be working in shifts, including night and weekend shifts.

21 days annual leave.

Yearly Salary Increases.

Excellent working environment and unique opportunity for self and career development.

Attractive remuneration package.

Stimulating and challenging work environment.

Bonus Scheme.

Medical insurance from the first day.

Complimentary lunch.

Monthly Social Events.

Parimatch is an equal opportunities employer.

All CV’s are strictly confidential and must be sent to [email protected] Please make sure that on the subject area you state the position: “Customer Support Officer”.


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