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Contact Center Agent – Eυρωπαϊκό Πανεπιστήμιο Κύπρου

A Contact Center Agent serves as the first point of contact for prospective students having the responsibility to communicate e University-related information on programs of study offered through phone calls, emails, live chat messages, SMS texts etc.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Performs inbound and outbound calls and communicates through emails and live chats with prospective students.
  • Utilizes technology to support new student enrollment and provide information requested to prospective students (phone, email, live, chat, social media, computerized systems).
  • Ensures procedures are followed and leads received are processed accordingly Escalates issues in accordance to Contact Center guidelines when necessary
  • Maintains effective communication and collaboration with the Sales Team.
  • Actively participates in the Department / University’s promotional events.

Job Requirements:

  • University student or University Degree holder in Business or related field
  • Experience in Customer Service / Sales in education or other B2C service industries is considered advantageous
  • Excellent command of the Greek and English language.
  • Proficient knowledge on MS Office tools
  • Customer-focused with excellent interpersonal & communication skills, collaborative, proactive and results-oriented

Should you be interested in applying for the above challenging job opportunity, please forward your CV and Cover letter to the Human Resources Department by Sunday, July 18, 2021.

All applications shall be treated in strict confidentiality and only candidates that meet the job specifications will be contacted.


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