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Cashier – Melco Resorts & Entertainment


A Cage Cashier provides professional, prompt and accurate service relating to monetary and financial transactions in a secure environment known as the Cage.


Ensures the provision of professional and timely service to customers

Maintains sound knowledge of the City of Dreams Mediterranean and C2 Casinos Standard Operating Procedures and services

Consistently seeks to develop a trusting relationship and working rapport with team members

Ensures a positive approach to work, whilst assisting with the training of new and existing staff

Performs all transactions related to cash or gaming chips in an accurate and timely manner, including communicating “shift hand-over” issues

Ensures the accuracy of all transactions on the allocated shift and takes ownership of the assigned inventory of cash, chips and/or cash equivalents including verification of the inventory at the end of the shift

Operates the company software according to the procedures of the Department to perform various transactions and services to C2 Customers

Replenishes assigned inventory as determined by business demands, ensuring minimal disruption to customer service

Maintains accurate records off all transactions on shift

Prepares daily reports as required for financial reporting purposes

Ensures all paperwork is presented and organized in an auditable manner


Education & Experience

Minimum 1 year of previous customer service and cash handling experience

(Preferably from within the Gaming, Retail or Hospitality industries)

Skills / Competencies

Ability to communicate in English; Greek language knowledge is an advantage

Attention to details and ability to work under pressure

Mathematical abilities


Is trustworthy, well presented, outgoing and highly motivated

Achieves agreed objectives and accepts accountability for results

Has proven customer orientation

Able to work shifts in a 24/7 operation and stand for long periods of time

Occasional travel to different properties where additional staff is needed may be required

Motivated to adapt to a dynamic, fast paced but closed environment

Displays the highest level of integrity

To apply, please click here: Cashier, Cage – Limassol


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